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HUDS Academy Technologie Überblick

Click on the "HUDS Academy Technologie Überblick" button below to see the HUDS Academy Technology Overview presentation. It is best viewed in fullscreen mode. To enable fullscreen mode, click on the little screen icon in the lower right corner of the Prezi presentation frame after you click the "Start Prezi" button.

To advance (step) through the presentation, you may do any of the following:

  1. use your mouse to click the right arrow on the very bottom of the Prezi presentation screen frame.
  2. press the right arrow button on your computer's keyboard (works for Macs but not all computers)
  3. press the space bar on your computer's keyboard (works for Macs but not all computers),[iframe]
There is also a Flipbook version of the "HUDS Academy Technologie Überblick" that may also be printed. Click on the Flipbook button to view/print the Flipbook version.
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